Spring Quads Rating Report & Free Blitz Tourney

Our Spring Quads were rated Friday and a few people made nice gains, there were impressive debuts from a number of our erstwhile unrated players and, sadly, I continue the inexorable slide toward my rating floor:


This coming Wednesday we’ll hold another casual, unrated blitz tournament of 4-5 rounds in one section, with free entry and no USCF membership required to participate. The time control will be G/5+2 and prizes will again be new Hypermodern Press chess books donated to the club by Jim Eade. Several people also expressed interest in chipping $5 into a prize pool so that may be an option for those who are interested (cash prizes would only be available to those who chip in, of course). If you plan to play in this blitz event please arrive at the club round 6:45 or before to register so we can begin the tournament at 7pm. Or you can simply register with the handy form on our website, found here: https://menloparkchess.club/event/mpcc-burgess-park-blitz-2/ (registering here doesn’t obligate you to play, but please try to cancel your registration if you are unable to make it for any reason).

Our next rated tournament will be another Swiss event beginning June 1st, with 4 rounds in one section and a slightly longer time control of G/45 d/5. I’ll send more details about that event later this week.

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