Last Week’s Results & Upcoming Meetings

Yet another late update for the previous week: we enjoyed an excellent lecture from Frisco Del Rosario then assayed a longer time control in our first impromptu slightly-longer-than-blitz event, a G/7;d2 affair with 18 people joining the fray, and with yours truly being treated most shamefully over the board, it must be said. Andy Applebaum once again claimed first with a perfect 4-0, while Pranav Jindal, Adam Ferrell and Venugopal Mani tied for second a full point behind (3-0); full results for this event are in the attached image. People appeared to approve of the time control but the general thinking is that G/5 or less with some small delay affords more rounds and less waiting between rounds, so we’ll likely return to the faster time controls for our impromptu tournaments.

Frisco will give another lecture this Thursday evening beginning at 6:30pm sharp then we’ll play another free, unrated blitz event beginning shortly after 7pm. As a reminder, there will be no club meeting July 4th, given it’s a national holiday and I believe the Arrillaga Center will be closed, and I will be out of town July 11th but Frisco offered to host the club that evening for a lecture, casual play and/or a thematic tournament. Thank you once again for all you are doing for the club, Frisco!

Unrated Quick & Impromptu Blitz #18 Tournament Results

Just a quick note to share the results from our previous two informal tournaments, with the unrated quick event taking place on the 6th (congratulations to Andy Applebaum, Breakwell Loyalka, and Austin Chen for meting out perfect scores in their respective sections) and our impromptu blitz #18 occurring last week, with first-time visitor Ashwin Hebbar claiming sole first ahead of a stacked if smaller field (four masters and several near-masters), while Adam Ferrell sat alone in second, enjoying his best showing yet in one of these blitz affairs. We’ll hold another imformal blitz tournament tomorrow evening and the first couple people to arrive at the club will choose the time control. In other news, Olivia Smith ran away with the most recent Tuesday Night Marathon at the Mechanics Institute, landing 1.5 points clear of second-place finisher IM Elliot Winslow. Great result, Olivia! The full results and all the games may be found via the following links:

I hope to see many of you at the club tomorrow evening and, as always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Mark Drury

A4c Variant Tournament Results

Twenty-two people participated in three sections of our second A4c Variant tournament this past Thursday, a three-round best-of-3-games-in-10-total-minutes affair which was again rife with surprises and a few upsets. When the final time scramble settled Yash Shah and Joey Lo reigned supreme over sections one and three, respectively, with perfect scores while youngsters Austin Chen and Hugo Pu shared first in section two with 2.5 points. Hugo had an interesting match in round two against Benjamin Chen wherein they split the first two games but Benjamin was left with a scant 13 seconds in the deciding third, and despite some very fast moves he succumbed on time, highlighting the game within a game aspect of this format, while in section one Andy Applebaum and Pranav Jindal split their first two games and drew the third in their round 2 encounter, securing one of just two drawn matches during the night.

Feedback about this variant was again positive (well, there was one half-hearted detractor but he bemoans all faster time controls) so we’ll hold another A4c tournament again soon, and thank you to everyone who joined us for this event.

In other tournament news, we have nine registrations for our double-round quick-rated event scheduled to begin this Thursday, which is insufficient for a number of reasons so I plan to cancel it, regrettably. Perhaps people are traveling in June and cannot commit to all three weeks, or they don’t like the double-round format or the faster quick-rated time control or I simply didn’t promote the event as much as I have others in the past. We typically end up with a waiting list for similar tournaments but there was clearly no risk of that this time around, so I’ll try to understand if this format doesn’t work for most of you (or if the timing was simply bad).

This Thursday we will likely hold free, unrated G/10;d3 Swiss sections of 6-8 players over three rounds, somewhat like last week but we’ll play just one game in that time control. If you’d like to play in that event please try to arrive at the club round 6:45 so we can begin the tournament at 7pm. Better yet, arrive shortly before 6:30 in case Frisco Del Rosario has another lecture on tap for us–if you’ve missed these in the past I highly recommend attending as Frisco’s chess insights are eminently worth your time.

Impromptu Blitz #17 Results

Twenty-six worthies competed in our Impromptu Blitz #17 last Thursday, including two first-time visitors and one returning member (great to see you again, Nicholas!). When all five rounds of G/5;d2 action were said and done Andy Applebaum and Frisco Del Rosario unsurprisingly shared equal first at 4.5 points—well done to both players! It is passing strange how Frisco rails against blitz on occasion (to be fair, in a learning context) yet never manages worse than first place in these events. Hayden Brongersma nabbed sole third with 4.0, another excellent result and clearly a harbinger of first place finishes to come. Full results are in the attached image, thank you to everyone who participated in this tournament and our next impromptu blitz will occur June 27th, per the club schedule found here:

Speaking of the schedule, please register in advance for the free, unrated A4c Variant tournament if you plan to play this Thursday—details and a registration link are here:

And beginning June 6th we will commence another double-round quick-rated event of three rounds/weeks in sections of 4, 6 or 8 players, depending upon ratings distributions. Two games against the same opponent will be played each evening, one as white and one as black using the G/15;d5 time control. There is a $10 entry fee for this US Chess-rated event and the entire amount will be returned in the prize fund. More details and a registration link may be found here:

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and I hope to see you at the A4c variant tournament this Thursday!

Impromptu Blitz #16 Results

We enjoyed another excellent turnout for our Impromptu Blitz #16 Thursday, with some very strong players gracing our ranks and with Frisco Del Rosario, our reluctant blitz champion, once again claiming first place, this time in a tie with young Liam Liu at 4.5 out of 5 points. Pranav Jindal and Triet Vo tied for second at 4 points while Hayden Brongersma had another strong showing in sole 5th at 3.5. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this fun event!

We’ll hold another free blitz tournament this coming Thursday, May 23rd, likely with the same G/5;d2 time control, and the following week we’ll take our second foray into A4c chess with a tournament of three or four rounds. More information about that event and about the variant plus a registration link may be found here:

More information and a registration link for our second A4c Variant Tournament

Please register ahead of time if you plan to play in this event, which typically helps us start closer to 7pm on tournament night. I hope to see many of you this Thursday and next! Regards,

Mark Drury

Impromptu Blitz #15 Results

I meant to share the results from our previous impromptu blitz tournament sooner but had a very busy week this past—apologies for the delay. Per the wall chart below, Frisco Del Rosario enjoyed a perfect 5-0 score last Thursday, despite his open disdain for these faster time controls, while junior Hayden Brongersma managed sole second ahead of some stiff competition at 4-1 and David Zhao was alone in third with 3.5 points. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this tournament, as always!

Before last week’s tournament began Frisco gave a lecture on a Capablanca game from early in his career, one which ended with a number of sacrifices and a beautiful double-check mate. If you missed that lecture try to be at the club this evening round 6:30pm, when Frisco will review another Capa masterpiece—his justly famed rook ending against Tartakower from New York, 1924.

After Frisco’s lecture we’ll hold another G/5;d2 blitz tournament beginning round 7pm—I hope to see many of you this evening!

Impromptu Blitz #14 Results

Twenty-three people participated in our Impromptu Blitz #14 tournament this past Thursday, a G/5;d2 affair which included four first-time visitors to the club—thank you again to Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo, Vin Armelin, Matt Kmiecik and Matt Mascioli for joining us in this event!

For perhaps the first time in one of our casual blitz tournaments we had a four-way tie for first at four out of five points, with Gabe, Kunal, Simon and Josen sharing top honors, while a raft of others tied for second at three points (juniors Max and Chase among them). We’ll hold another casual evening and blitz tournament this coming Thursday then may have a week or two of variant tournaments before beginning our next rated event.

As always, please let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see happen at the club (chess-related, preferably) and we’ll try to make it happen. Regards,

Mark Drury

April Petite Swiss Final Results

Our three-round April Petite Swiss wrapped up last night with some very exciting games deciding first through third places in each section, as well as some interesting games which didn’t factor into the prizes, including my effort against Frisco Del Rosario wherein my already-shaky position crumbled dramatically in serious time trouble (I haven’t yet had time to analyze the game, Frisco, but am wondering if f6 instead of the more cavalier f5 might have prolonged things).

The full results are included in the attached image and of special note is the performance of Josen Kalra, who gained 80 and 121 points in his Regular and Quick ratings, respectively, with his tie for first in section one. The tournament has already been rated by US Chess—if you spot any errors please let me know and I will correct them immediately.

The winners and their earnings are given below—thank you to everyone who played in this event and we’ll hold another rated tournament beginning in late May or early June. Regards,

Mark Drury

Secton One:
1-3: Alexander Su, $33.33
1-3: Wentao Wu, $33.33
1-3: Josen Kalra, $33.33

Section Two:
1: Hayden Brongersma, $40
2: Banks Bennion, $25
3-4: Samuel Agdamag, $7.50
3-4: Amogh Rao, $7.50

Section Three:
1: Thomas Gerber, $50
2: Charles Mayville, $30
3-5: Jeffrey Ungar, $7
3-5: Andrew Yu, $7
3-5: Shlok Chowdhury, $7

April Petite Swiss Round Two Results

Below are the round two results and round three pairings for our dual-rated G45;d5 Swiss in three sections. The third and final round will begin promptly at 7pm Thursday, April 25th, so please try to arrive at the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center by 6:50pm if at all possible. More details about this tournament may be found on the event page.

Section One

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Kathan ShuklaB 9W 7B 3
1907 158086011.02.02.0
2Alexander SuB 8W 3B 4
1999 128573291.01.51.5
3Wentao WuW 6B 2W 1
1935 166297821.01.51.5
4Tobin BennionB 10byeW 2
1770 126795731.01.51.5
5Josen KalraB 7W 9B 6
1600 126152100.51.51.5
6Taewoo KimB 3W 10W 5
1692 306225090.01.01.0
7Frisco Del RosarioW 5B 1W 8
1900 109877920.50.50.5
8Mark DruryW 2byeB 7
1734 124593130.00.50.5
9Cesar TamondongW 1B 5W 10
1610 124390910.00.00.0
10David ZhaoW 4B 6B 9
1543 147937840.00.00.0

Section Two

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Samuel AgdamagB 7W 4B 2
1458 148747341.02.02.0
2Hayden BrongersmaB 5W 7W 1
1118 312404411.02.02.0
3Banks BennionB 6byeW 4
1351 301756461.01.51.5
4Leia LinW 8B 1B 3
1453 171108281.01.01.0
5Kornel CsernaiW 2B 8W 6
1265 305943800.01.01.0
6Amogh RaoW 3byeB 5
1166p 309493410.01.01.0
7Atul DhingraW 1B 2bye
1204p 312363220.00.00.0
8Hugo PuB 4W 5bye
1177 310938600.00.00.0

Section Three

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Jeffrey UngarB 6W 4B 2
1063p 163967431.02.02.0
2Thomas GerberW 7B 5W 1
1061p 316475051.02.02.0
3Charles MayvilleB 10byeW 5
1012p 316403661.01.51.5
4Brian ChenW 9B 1W 7
839p 315837531.01.01.0
5Austin ChenB 8W 2B 3
820 312932491.01.01.0
6Andrew YuW 1B 9W 8
718 313640870.01.01.0
7Shlok ChowdhuryB 2W 10B 4
566 306279950.01.01.0
8Neeraj RaoW 5byeB 6
1066 307892960.00.50.5
9Maxime GerberB 4W 6B 10
339p 316475540.00.00.0
10Victor ChenW 3B 7W 9
265 307608480.00.00.0

April Petite Swiss Round One Pairings

Below are the round one pairings for our dual-rated G45;d5 Swiss in three sections. The first round begins promptly at 7pm this Thursday, April 4th, so please try to arrive at the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center by 6:50pm if at all possible. More details about this tournament may be found on the event page.


#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Total
1Alexander SuB 6
1999 128573290.0
2Wentao WuW 7
1935 166297820.0
3Kathan ShuklaB 8
1907 158086010.0
4Frisco Del RosarioW 9
1900 109877920.0
5Tobin BennionB 10
1770 126795730.0
6Mark DruryW 1
1734 124593130.0
7Taewoo KimB 2
1692 306225090.0
8Cesar TamondongW 3
1610 124390910.0
9Josen KalraB 4
1600 126152100.0
10David ZhaoW 5
1543 147937840.0


#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Total
1Samuel AgdamagB 5
1458 148747340.0
2Leia LinW 6
1453 171108280.0
3Banks BennionB 7
1351 301756460.0
4Kornel CsernaiW 8
1265 305943800.0
5Atul DhingraW 1
1204p 312363220.0
6Hugo PuB 2
1177 310938600.0
7Amogh RaoW 3
1166p 309493410.0
8Hayden BrongersmaB 4
1118 312404410.0


#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Total
1Neeraj RaoW 6
1066 307892960.0
2Jeffrey UngarB 7
1063p 163967430.0
3Thomas GerberW 8
1061p 316475050.0
4Charles MayvilleB 10
1012p 316403660.0
5Brian ChenW 9
839p 315837530.0
6Austin ChenB 1
820 312932490.0
7Andrew YuW 2
718 313640870.0
8Shlok ChowdhuryB 3
566 306279950.0
9Maxime GerberB 5
339p 316475540.0
10Victor ChenW 4
265 307608480.0