Impromptu Blitz #9 Results

Due to the miscommunication between rec. center staff and yours truly we postponed the start of our January quads one week, to January 18th, leaving the evening of the 11th free for yet another impromptu blitz tournament. Last night’s affair was a free 5-round G/5+0 affair, one which included 22 players, three of them new visitors to the club (welcome, Anaida, Sandhya and Venugopal!) and saw Pranav emerge victorious, as is often the case. Below are the full results for this event and we will likely hold another impromptu blitz tournament on February 8th—check our Events page for more details when available. Regards,

Mark Drury

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Pranav JindalB 10W 5B 3W 2B 8
2Cesar TamondongB 15W 7B 6B 1W 5
3Josen KalraB 16W 9W 1B 8W 10
4Chris MurphyW 14B 6W 8B 12B 9
5Charles MayvilleW 20B 1W 14B 13B 2
6David ZhaoB 21W 4W 2B 10W 14
7Kornel CsernaiW 12B 2W 11B 16W 15
8Venugopal ManiB 17W 19B 4W 3W 1
9Nicholas TanW 18B 3W 16B 11W 4
10Hayden BrongersmaW 1B 13B 19W 6B 3
11Austin ChenB 19W 17B 7W 9W 13
12Shlok ChowdhuryB 7W 15B 21W 4B 19
13Ashwin GaneshB 22W 10B 20W 5B 11
14Michael DarrB 4W 21B 5W 20B 6
15Aditya DhamdhereW 2B 12W 18W 19B 7
16Joey LoW 3B 18B 9W 7B 21
17Brian ChenW 8B 11W 22B 18W 20
18Alan ChenB 9W 16B 15W 17B 22
19Mark / EstherW 11B 8W 10B 15W 12
20Bud WollB 5W 22W 13B 14B 17
21Sandhya CW 6B 14W 12B 22W 16
22Anaida StepanyanW 13B 20B 17W 21W 18