Double Blitz G/3+2 Tournament Results

Yesterday evening we held a four-round double blitz G/3+2 tournament and twenty-nine people participated. In this particular event two games were contested in each round, one as white and one as black with the same opponent, which is relatively uncommon in Swiss system tournaments.

After three rounds no less than nine players had a reasonable chance at a prize, but after the dramatic fourth round concluded WFM Olivia Smith claimed sole first place with seven out of eight points and took home the $30 Kepler’s Books gift certificate.

The tie for second between blitz mavens Pranav Jindal, Alaric Stein and Andy Shih, each with 6.5 points, resulted in not one but two G/3+0 round robin playoffs for the remaining prizes, given the first ended in yet another three-way tie. Would that we had recorded these games as there was some very interesting chess, no matter the time control, including wild swings of fortune in a single game. Pranav proved victorious in the second playoff and collected the $20 gift certificate while Alaric pocketed $10 (Andy received a firm consolation handshake).

Blitz tournaments clearly bring the crowds to our club so we’ll continue holding at least one of these each month as our schedule and interest allow. As always, please let me know if you have suggestions for other chess activities and I hope to see you at the club soon!

— Mark Drury

Fischer Random (Chess960) Tournament Results

Eighteen brave souls took part in our four-round Fischer Random/Chess960 tournament this past Wednesday, with Alaric Stein cooly claiming yet another first place in club events and taking the $20 Feldman’s Books gift certificate with a perfect score. Pranav Jindal, Adam Stevens, Alexander Su and Adithya Karavadi tied for second with three points apiece and, after a tense G/3+0 blitz playoff, Adam won the $15 second prize gift certificate and Adithya the $10 third.

Everyone appeared to enjoy this event, even with pieces hanging left and right, so we may try the variant again soon if people wish to do so. The starting positions for each round are listed in the image, below, please let me know if you have any questions about this tournament and a hearty ‚Äúthank you!” to everyone who participated.