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Tournament Rules and Rating Information:

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US Chess Rating System
US Chess Rules for Blitz Chess

Recent Tournament Reports:

April Petite Swiss, April 4th-25th
Chess960 Draft, February 22nd
A4c Variant (3G/10), February 15th
January Quick-Rated Quads, January 18th-February 1st

Second Club Championship, October 5th-November 30th
August Quick-Rated Quads + Swiss, August 10th-24th
June Dual-Rated Short Swiss, June 15th-29th
Isles of Blood and Spices Blitz, June 1st
Hall of Bright Carvings Quick Swiss, May 4th – 11th
Mad Hatter Ladder Blitz Swiss, April 27th
“Tower of Flints” Bughouse Swiss, April 6th
“Tower of Flints” Chess960 Swiss, March 30th
“Tower of Flints” Team Blitz, March 9th
February “Mud Month” Mini-Marathon, February 2nd – 23rd
Year’s First G/3+2 Blitz Tournament, January 19th

Blitz Ouroboros G/3+2, December 14th
Casual G/3+2 Blitz, December 7th
Club Championship, October 12th – November 9th
Double Blitz G/3+2, September 28th
Chess960 G/8 d/2, September 14th
Surfeit of Blitz G/3+0, July 27th
Surfeit of Blitz G/3+2, July 20th
Surfeit of Blitz G/5+0, July 13th
Surfeit of Blitz G/5+3, July 6th
June Mini-Marathon, June 1st – 22nd
Burgess Park Blitz #2, May 25th
Spring 2022 Quads, April 27th – May 18th
Burgess Park Blitz #1, April 20th
Wednesday Night Mini-Marathon, March 16th – April 6th
Rapid #1 Tournament Report, February 16th