August Quick-Rated Double-Round Quads + Swiss

We had another full house (and a considerable wait list—register early!) for our quick-rated, double-round quads plus Swiss which ran from August 10th – 24th, with clear winners in all sections save Quad 1, wherein Andy Applebaum and Pranav Jindal tied for 1st-2nd with 4 points apiece out of 6. Tobin Bennion took sole first in Quad 2 with 4.5 points while David Zhao had the only perfect score in the event with his impressive 6-0 in Quad 3. Kornel Csernai also tallied 4.5 to win Quad 4 and Umar Rasyid had perhaps our best junior showing with his excellent 5 points to take Quad 5.

Quad 6 was dangerously close to seeing a 4-way tie at 3 points until Michael Darr bested six-year-old phenom Rosalyn Chu (remember that name) in their final game to win outright with 4 points. In the Swiss event, Travis Torres-O’Callaghan, the front runner after four rounds, became ill and was unable to play rounds 5 and 6, regrettably, leaving Austin Chen and Victor Chen to square off atop that section. Austin prevailed over both games and claimed 1st with an admirable 5 points.

The US Chess ratings reports for all sections may be found here.

Thank you to everyone who played in this fun event, please let me know if you have any feedback (good or bad) and congratulations to all of our prize winners–their winnings and the full results are given below and I’ll reach out to individuals via email about how they wish to be paid.

Quad 11st-2nd: Andy Applebaum, Pranav Jindal, $20
Quad 21st: Tobin Bennion, $25
2nd: Triet Vo, $15
Quad 31st: David Zhao, $25
2nd: Cesar Tamondong, $15
Quad 41st: Kornel Csernai, $25
2nd: Hamdanil Rasyid, $15
Quad 51st: Umar Rasyid, $25
2nd: Atul Dhingra, $15
Quad 61st: Michael Darr, $25
2nd: Paul Hartel, Kushal Dhingra, $7.50 each
Swiss1st: Austin Chen, $30
2nd: Siddharth Kalra, $25
3rd: Travis Torres-O’Callaghan, Rosaleia Torres, Nicholas Bao, $15 each

Quad 1

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Andy ApplebaumW 2B 2B 4W 4W 3B 3 
 2236 127701760.
2Pranav JindalB 1W 1W 3B 3B 4W 4 
 2004p 306288841.
3Adithya KaravadiW 4B 4B 2W 2B 1W 1 
 2199p 307784660.
4Olivia SmithB 3W 3W 1B 1W 2B 2 
 2053p 312567391.

Quad 2

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Tobin BennionB 2W 2W 4B 4B 3W 3 
 1708 126795731.0F1.
2Triet VoW 1B 1B 3W 3W 4B 4 
 1878 159035280.0X1.
3Rohan KapreB 4W 4W 2B 2W 1B 1 
 1645 134444501.
4Henry BenaidW 3B 3B 1W 1B 2W 2 
 1880 152730550.

Quad 3

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1David ZhaoB 3W 3W 2B 2W 4B 4 
 1502 147937841. 5.06.0 6.0
2Cesar TamondongW 4B 4B 1W 1B 3W 3 
 1632 124390911. 3.0 4.04.0
3Michael SherrardW 1B 1B 4W 4W 2B 2 
 1514 124473680. 1.0 1.01.0
4Gregory GauthierB 2W 2W 3B 3B 1W 1 
 1493 313000860.  1.01.0
* Makeup games to be played August 31st at the club

Quad 4

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Kornel CsernaiW 3B 3B 4W 4B 2W 2 
 1285 305943800.
2Hamdanil RasyidW 4B 4B 3W 3W 1B 1 
 1260 304662760.
3Banks BennionB 1W 1W 2B 2W 4B 4 
 1112 301756460.
4Amogh RaoB 2W 2W 1B 1B 3W 3 
 1128p 309493411.

Quad 5

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Umar RasyidW 3B 3B 4W 4W 2B 2 
 1055 305169250.
2Atul DhingraW 4B 4B 3W 3B 1W 1 
 1095p 312363221.
3Jeffrey UngarB 1W 1W 2B 2B 4W 4 
 1043p 163967430.
4Leonis TorresB 2W 2W 1B 1W 3B 3 
 986p 312172320.

Quad 6

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Michael DarrB 2W 2W 3B 3B 4W 4 
 798p 312401821.
2Paul HartelW 1B 1B 4W 4B 3W 3 
 918p 312777990.
3Kushal DhingraW 4B 4B 1W 1W 2B 2 
 unr. 313700711.
4Rosalyn ChuB 3W 3W 2B 2W 1B 1 
 763 305666520.


#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Austin ChenW 2B 2W 9B 9B 7W 7 
 668p 312932490.
2Siddharth KalraB 1W 1B 6W 6W 10B 10 
 253p 304980461.
3Travis Torres-O’CallaghanB 8W 8W 4B 4—-—- 
 618 146940041.
4Rosaleia TorresW 5B 5B 3W 3B 6W 6 
 518 149686071.
5Nicholas BaoB 4W 4W 8B 8W 9B 9 
 unr. 312916630.
6Vandeet TurkarB 7W 7W 2B 2W 4B 4 
 755p 311755090.
7Victor ChenW 6B 6B 10W 10W 1B 1 
 282p 307608481.
8Bowman IraniW 3B 3B 5W 5byebye 
 unr. 312172820.
9Mason IraniW 10B 10B 1W 1B 5W 5 
 unr. 312172771.
10Lilianya TorresB 9W 9W 7B 7B 2W 2 
 331p 163425530.


#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Cesar TamondongB 1W 1 
 1632 124390910.01.0  1.0
2Jay WackerW 1B 1 
 1155 200669241.01.0  1.0