Impromptu Blitz #13 Results

Twenty-five people played in our impromptu blitz tournament this past Thursday, a G/5+2 affair of five rounds and the slightly longer time control helped to shake up the results in yet another strong field. Gabriel Sanchez took sole first with 4.5 points while Liam Liu and David Zhao shared second at 4, ahead of some very strong master- and expert-level competition. Kunal Modi grabbed sole fourth at 3.5, leaving a raft of players to share fifth with 3 points.

Of particular note, chess expert, author, journalist and friend Frisco Del Rosario was able to visit the club for the first time and it was great to see and play a game with him—hopefully you will join us again soon, Frisco! Full results are in the table below and thank you to everyone who played in this event.

As a reminder, we’ll begin a US Chess dual-rated Swiss-system event over three weeks beginning this Thursday, April 4th, and concluding April 25th (there will be no chess club meeting April 18th). Players will be divided into groups of 6 or 8 based on rating and will play one game at G/45;d5 each week. A few spots remain for this event and more information and a registration link may be found here. As always, please register early if you plan to play in this event.

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Gabriel SanchezW 3B 2W 5B 4W 7
2Liam LiuB 22W 1W 15B 12W 4
3David ZhaoB 1W 21B 22W 17B 11
4Kunal ModiW 12B 8W 6W 1B 2
5Andy ApplebaumB 11W 16B 1W 7B 6
6Pranav JindalB 14W 13B 4W 15W 5
7Frisco Del RosarioW 17B 9W 13B 5B 1
8Hayden BrongersmaB 20W 4B 11W 22B 13
9Mark DruryB 23W 7byebyebye
10Renzo FrigatoW 24B 15W 17B 18W 19
11Rohan KapreW 5B 18W 8B 19W 3
12Josen KalraB 4W 20B 16W 2B 17
13Cesar TamondongW 19B 6B 7W 16W 8
14Max CheungW 6B 19W 25B 20B 21
15Hugo PubyeW 10B 2B 6W 20
16Evan SobelW 18B 5W 12B 13W 24
17Austin ChenB 7W 23B 10B 3W 12
18Brian ChenB 16W 11B 23W 10B 22
19Shlok ChowdhuryB 13W 14B 21W 11B 10
20Joey LoW 8B 12W 24W 14B 15
21Victor ChenbyeB 3W 19B 25W 14
22George PurtellW 2B 24W 3B 8W 18
23Bud WollW 9B 17W 18B 24W 25
24Wendy GuB 10W 22B 20W 23B 16
25Malcolm Willigbye—-B 14W 21B 23

Impromptu Blitz #12 Results

Just as with the week before, twenty-one people played in our impromptu blitz tournament this past Thursday, another G/3+2 affair of five rounds and, as with the week before, Pranav Jindal claimed sole first with 4.5 points, the lone draw ceded to young Liam Liu. Three others tied for second in this battle of blitz heavyweights, with Andy Applebaum, Kunal Modi and Cesar Tamondong all securing 4 points (I don’t know that Cesar has ever scored less than 4 points in similar events)—well played, all of you! Full results are in the table below and thank you to everyone who joined us for this event.

We’ll hold one more casual evening this week, with another free blitz tournament beginning at 7pm, then will commence a US Chess dual-rated Swiss-system event over three weeks beginning Thursday, April 4th, and concluding April 25th (there will be no chess club meeting April 18th). Players will be divided into groups of 6 or 8 based on rating and will play one game at G/45;d5 each week. A few spots remain for this event and more information and a registration link may be found here.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see many of you at the club this Thursday!

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Pranav JindalB 15W 5W 10B 6B 3
2Andy ApplebaumB 13W 12B 6W 3B 5
3Kunal ModiW 14B 7W 4B 2W 1
4Cesar TamondongW 20B 11B 3W 15B 9
5Liam LiuW 9B 1B 12W 8W 2
6Alex ChinW 16B 8W 2W 1B 14
7Richard WangB 19W 3B 15W 18B 17
8Hayden BrongersmaB 21W 6B 16B 5W 12
9Hugo PuB 5W 13B 19B 14W 4
10Mark DruryW 17byeB 1byebye
11Max CheungbyeW 4—-W 19B 15
12Jason CruzB 18B 2W 5W 16B 8
13Samuel AgdamagW 2B 9W 21B 17W 18
14Kornel CsernaiB 3W 19B 18W 9W 6
15Jeff McGinnisW 1B 17W 7B 4W 11
16Austin ChenB 6W 21W 8B 12W 20
17Joey LoB 10W 15B 20W 13W 7
18Beata Ang-DuttaW 12B 20W 14B 7B 13
19Brian ChenW 7B 14W 9B 11W 21
20Maybelline HinloB 4W 18W 17B 21B 16
21Gautam DuttaW 8B 16B 13W 20B 19

Impromptu Blitz #11 Results

Twenty-one people played in our impromptu blitz tournament last Thursday, a G/3+2 affair of five rounds, and Pranav Jindal once again claimed sole first with 4.5 points, a first-round bye notwithstanding. Gabe Sanchez, Ramkumar Jeyaraman and 9-year-old Liam Liu tied for second with 4 points, followed by Kornel Csernai in sole 5th with 3.5—well played, all of you! Full results are in the table below and thank you to everyone who joined us for this event.

We’ll hold two more casual evenings this week and next, with free blitz tournaments occurring in each, then will commence a US Chess dual-rated Swiss-system event over three weeks beginning Thursday, April 4th, and concluding April 25th (there will be no chess club meeting April 18th). Players will be divided into groups of 6 or 8 based on rating and will play one game at G/45;d5 each week. More information and a registration link may be found here.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see many of you at the club this Thursday!

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Pranav JindalbyeW 5B 11W 12B 3
2Gabe SanchezB 8W 13B 6W 3B 9
3Ramkumar JeyaramanB 19W 10B 4B 2W 1
4Liam LiuB 16W 12W 3B 7B 6
5Kornel CsernaibyeB 1W 21W 13B 12
6Lauren GoodkindW 9B 7W 2B 15W 4
7Hayden BrongersmaB 20W 6B 19W 4B 16
8David ZhaoW 2B 18W 9B 19W 15
9Austin ChenB 6W 20B 8W 11W 2
10Mark Drury—-B 3byebyebye
11Rohan KaprebyeW 21W 1B 9B 17
12Andy ApplebaumW 15B 4W 14B 1W 5
13Evan SobelW 17B 2W 15B 5W 19
14Renzo FrigatobyebyeB 12W 16B 20
15Arnav BhavsarB 12W 16B 13W 6B 8
16George PurtellW 4B 15W 18B 14W 7
17Brian ChenB 13W 19B 20W 18W 11
18Bud WollbyeW 8B 16B 17W 21
19Beata Ang-DuttaW 3B 17W 7W 8B 13
20Jerome OrielW 7B 9W 17B 21W 14
21Gautam DuttabyeB 11B 5W 20B 18

Missed Opportunities

Well, we sampled yet another chess variant this past Thursday evening, one I’ll now dub “ACD” or “Absent Club Director,” my not-so-clever way of stating that I forgot about chess club until round 7:30pm that evening, something which had not yet happened in the two years and two months of the club’s existence.

Perhaps it was Leap Day, likely just senility, but suffice to say I worked in my company’s Fremont office Thursday and a number of coincidences conspired to make me think it was Wednesday. I only realized my error when I arrived home and began thinking about dinner—something triggered the “this doesn’t feel like Wednesday” revelation and subsequent scramble to the club round 7:30pm.

I’m very sorry to all those who were there that evening awaiting boards, pieces and clocks. We had quite a crowd looking forward to a blitz tournament, it seemed, and I appreciate your patience and good humor where my foibles are concerned, as always.

Note that the club will not meet this Thursday, March 7th, as previously announced but we will meet March 14th for a casual/blitz tournament evening and a longer, more formal event will follow the week after. Regards,

Mark Drury

Chess960 Draft Tournament

Our club dabbled in yet another interesting chess variant Thursday with the Chess960 Draft Tournament and, poorly as I did this time around, I think I speak for everyone in stating that the event was a lot of fun, with unusual positions seen in every round. In one of my games I made the cardinal mistake of failing to take stock of immediate threats on my first move and, as a result, lost a pawn and the exchange to a marauding bishop on move 2 or 3, which was mildly embarrassing. The timed draft aspect of this variant really adds something new and different to the game, especially with a relatively short time control like G/7;d3, but players got the hang of it quickly and there were few if any illegal setups that I’m aware of.

Eighteen participants turned out to be perfect for the four rounds we were able to play and congratulations are once again due to Pranav Jindal for another perfect score, his 4-0 result half a point better than Gabe Sanchez’s 3.5 for sole second. David Zhao and Josen Kalra enjoyed another excellent showing with their shared third place finish at 3 points, ahead of some very strong expert-level competition. Thank you to everyone who played in this event, please let me know if you have any feedback and we’ll give it another go later this year. Regards,

Mark Drury

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1Pranav JindalW 9B 11W 7B 5
2Gabriel SanchezW 3B 8W 5B 7
3David ZhaoB 2W 16B 17W 9
4Josen KalraW 6B 7W 12B 11
5Alaric SteinB 10W 14B 2W 1
6Kunal ModiB 4W 17B 9W 10
7Wentao WuB 16W 4B 1W 2
8Alex WuW 12W 2B 10W 17
9Michael ByunB 1W 18W 6B 3
10Hayden BrongersmaW 5B 15W 8B 6
11Austin ChenB 13W 1B 14W 4
12Hugo PuB 8W 13B 4B 15
13Richard WangW 11B 12W 16B 14
14Renzo FrigatoW 18B 5W 11W 13
15Jeremy ArthurB 17W 10B 18W 12
16Mark DruryW 7B 3B 13W 18
17Aditya DhamdhereW 15B 6W 3B 8
18Carlos FuertesB 14B 9W 15B 16

A4c Variant Tournament

We enjoyed an excellent turnout this past Thursday for our first foray into A4c Chess, as we’re styling it (though the variant’s creator may yet object). As a reminder, this variant is best-of-three games against each opponent with ten total minutes on one’s clock, so time management across the two or three games in each match is critical. Indeed, we saw a number of matches in each round where time was used, how shall we say, less than optimally, which led to severe time crunches in the third game and to much clock slapping (sometimes in a vain attempt to stave off the inevitable loss on time)—it definitely made for interesting spectacle and was fun to watch. More information about the variant and the tournament details may be found here.

Twenty-eight people participated in three sections, which worked well for the three rounds we were able to squeeze in during the evening. Below are the results for each section and congratulations are due to winners Kunal (group one), David (group two) and Hayden and Austin (group three). Thank you to everyone who played in this event and the feedback was universally positive, even with the late start, so we’ll definitely play A4c Chess again soon.

Group One

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Kunal ModiB 8W 5B 3
2Pranav JindalW 7B 3W 6
3Gabriel SanchezB 4W 2W 1
4Karim SeadaW 3B 7B 5
5Wentao WuB 6B 1W 4
6Alaric SteinW 5B 8B 2
7Josen KalraB 2W 4W 8
8Renzo FrigatoW 1W 6B 7

Group Two

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1David ZhaoW 6B 4B 2
2Paul TanenbaumW 8B 5W 1
3Pablo JadzinskyB 4W 6B 7
4Michael ByunW 3W 1B 5
5Samuel AgdamagB 7W 2W 4
6Amogh RaoB 1B 3W 8
7Charles MayvilleW 5B 8W 3
8Evan SobelB 2W 7B 6

Group Three

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Hayden BrongersmaW 10B 8B 3
2Austin ChenW 7B 4W 6
3Atul DhingraW 9B 5W 1
4Fadi ArodakiB 12W 2W 8
5Hugo PuW 11W 3B 7
6George PurtellB 8W 10B 2
7Kumaravel MohamkumarB 2W 12W 5
8Aditya DhamdhereW 6W 1B 4
9Will KesselmanB 3W 11—-
10Shlok ChowdhuryB 1B 6W 12
11Victor ChenB 5B 9bye
12Bud WollW 4B 7B 10

Impromptu Blitz #10 Results

We had an excellent turnout for our impromptu blitz tournament last night, with 25 people participating, including a number of first- or second-time visitors—welcome to Munci Inonu, Wyatt Morgan, Pablo Jadzinsky, Evan Sobel, Serena Shinault and Carlos Fuertes and thank you for joining us! Renzo Frigato was able to join us again after a prolonged absence and it was great to see him, as well! This event saw a somewhat unusual 4-way tie for first with four points out of five—congratulations to Munci Inonu, Pranav Jindal, Josen Kalra and David Zhao on their excellent play! The full results for the tournament follow and next week we will play another free, fun-focused tournament using the A4c variant—more details will be on our Events page later today.

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Munci InonuB 16W 9B 7W 13W 2
2Pranav JindalW 17B 4W 15W 7B 1
3Josen KalraB 12W 18B 16W 6B 7
4David ZhaoW 21W 2B 11B 8W 9
5Renzo FrigatobyeW 25B 6B 12W 13
6Wyatt MorganbyebyeW 5B 3B 16
7Olivia SmithB 11W 10W 1B 2W 3
8Pablo JadzinskyB 18W 12B 10W 4B 17
9Alex WuW 24B 1W 17B 15B 4
10Evan SobelW 22B 7W 8B 20W 19
11Michael ByunW 7B 22W 4B 24W 15
12Austin ChenW 3B 8B 13W 5W 20
13Alex SubyeB 20W 12B 1B 5
14Mark DruryW 23B 15byebyebye
15Jeff McGinnisB 19W 14B 2W 9B 11
16Samuel AgdamagW 1B 24W 3B 23W 6
17Charles MayvilleB 2W 21B 9B 18W 8
18Hayden BrongersmaW 8B 3B 21W 17W 23
19Serena ShinaultW 15B 23W 20B 25B 10
20Hugo PubyeW 13B 19W 10B 12
21Aditya DhamdhereB 4B 17W 18W 22B 24
22Shlok ChowdhuryB 10W 11W 24B 21W 25
23Brian ChenB 14W 19B 25W 16B 18
24Jeff UngarB 9W 16B 22W 11W 21
25Carlos FuertesbyeB 5W 23W 19B 22

Impromptu Blitz #9 Results

Due to the miscommunication between rec. center staff and yours truly we postponed the start of our January quads one week, to January 18th, leaving the evening of the 11th free for yet another impromptu blitz tournament. Last night’s affair was a free 5-round G/5+0 affair, one which included 22 players, three of them new visitors to the club (welcome, Anaida, Sandhya and Venugopal!) and saw Pranav emerge victorious, as is often the case. Below are the full results for this event and we will likely hold another impromptu blitz tournament on February 8th—check our Events page for more details when available. Regards,

Mark Drury

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Pranav JindalB 10W 5B 3W 2B 8
2Cesar TamondongB 15W 7B 6B 1W 5
3Josen KalraB 16W 9W 1B 8W 10
4Chris MurphyW 14B 6W 8B 12B 9
5Charles MayvilleW 20B 1W 14B 13B 2
6David ZhaoB 21W 4W 2B 10W 14
7Kornel CsernaiW 12B 2W 11B 16W 15
8Venugopal ManiB 17W 19B 4W 3W 1
9Nicholas TanW 18B 3W 16B 11W 4
10Hayden BrongersmaW 1B 13B 19W 6B 3
11Austin ChenB 19W 17B 7W 9W 13
12Shlok ChowdhuryB 7W 15B 21W 4B 19
13Ashwin GaneshB 22W 10B 20W 5B 11
14Michael DarrB 4W 21B 5W 20B 6
15Aditya DhamdhereW 2B 12W 18W 19B 7
16Joey LoW 3B 18B 9W 7B 21
17Brian ChenW 8B 11W 22B 18W 20
18Alan ChenB 9W 16B 15W 17B 22
19Mark / EstherW 11B 8W 10B 15W 12
20Bud WollB 5W 22W 13B 14B 17
21Sandhya CW 6B 14W 12B 22W 16
22Anaida StepanyanW 13B 20B 17W 21W 18

Schedule Update, Kolty Blitz, Impromptu Blitz #8 Results

I have an important schedule update which I hope everyone receives before next Thursday, December 21st: there will be no chess that evening. I was informed late last Thursday, after most people had left the club for the night, that the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center will close for the holidays Wednesday, December 20th. Our next meeting will be January 11th, then, and I’ll send more details soon about the 3-week quick-rated tournament which begins on that date.

If you still need a chess fix this coming week fret not, as the Kolty Chess Club will hold a 7-round G/3+2 blitz tournament Wednesday, December 20th, one I hope to attend and I’m also hoping our Menlo Park club has another good showing at a Kolty blitz event. Details follow (from the Kolty CC Facebook group):

Remember to make room in your holiday schedule for the Eric Steger Appreciation Blitz Tournament next Wednesday, December 20th. This will be a 7 round Swiss, G3/2, USCF rated event so USCF membership is required. Entry fee is $15/$20 and will be in one open section.

Please preregister by emailing Wolfgang at the address.

If you plan to come play please bring a digital clock since the club has very few.

We had 20 club stalwarts play in our impromptu G/5+0 blitz tournament this past Thursday, with relative newcomer Ramkumar Jeyaraman taking sole first with a perfect 5-0 score, followed closely by Gabriel Sanchez and Cesar Tamondong at 4-1, with Cesar once again beating me in the final round on the black side of another Bird. Full results for this event are available in the table below.

Lastly, this past Thursday was Paul Hartel’s final visit to the club, given he returns to Germany soon, and we will miss him a great deal. Paul has been a helpful member of the club for some time now, showing up early to help set up and participating in many of our tournaments this year. His game has improved a great deal during his time here, culminating in an even score in our recently-concluded club championship, we wish him every success in chess and in life and hope to meet him over the board again soon!

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Ram JeyaramanB 13W 4B 3W 2B 5
2Gabe SanchezW 18B 10W 5B 1W 6
3Cesar TamondongB 19W 7W 1B 12B 9
4Charlie MayvilleW 17B 1W 11B 13W 10
5Thomas GerberW 8B 12B 2W 7W 1
6David ZhaobyeB 18W 9W 16B 2
7Josen KalraW 15B 3W 8B 5W 11
8Austin ChenB 5W 14B 7W 17W 12
9Mark DrurybyeW 11B 6B 10W 3
10Rohan KapreB 14W 2B 13W 9B 4
11Paul HartelW 20B 9B 4W 19B 7
12Hayden BrongersmaB 16W 5B 19W 3B 8
13Aditya DhamdhereW 1B 15W 10W 4B 16
14Jefferson MateoW 10B 8W 20B 18B 19
15Beata Ang-DuttaB 7W 13W 17B 20W 18
16Shlok ChowdhuryW 12B 17W 18B 6W 13
17Gagan PrakashB 4W 16B 15B 8W 20
18Joey LoB 2W 6B 16W 14B 15
19Jeff UngarW 3B 20W 12B 11W 14
20Maxime GerberB 11W 19B 14W 15B 17

Impromptu Blitz #7 Results, Schedule Updates

We enjoyed a record 31 participants in our Impromptu Blitz #7 last night, a 5-round G/3+2 affair which included no less than nine first-time visitors to the club. As is often the case, Pranav Jindal and Alaric Stein sat atop the wall chart when all was said and done, Pranav taking first this time with a perfect 5-0 while Alaric shared joint second at 4-1 with Cesar Tamondong, who nicked me in the final round with his accursed From’s Gambit (between he and Kornél I’m considering a temporary ban at the club on that particular response to my beloved Bird). Full results for the tournament may be viewed in the attached image.

I’ll update the club’s schedule of events this weekend ( but we’ll meet December 14th and 21st for casual, blitz or variant tournaments then there will be no meetings December 28th and January 4th, due to the Holidays. Beginning January 11th we’ll hold a 2- or 3-week quick-rated event of some kind, likely G/15, perhaps double-round quads again. As always, let me know your preferences and/or dislikes and I hope to see many of you next week.

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Pranav JindalB 21W 7B 4W 2W 6
2Alaric SteinW 12B 19W 8B 1W 10
3Cesar TamondongB 22W 4B 26W 13B 9
4Ramkumar JeyaramanW 26B 3W 1B 16B 11
5Richard WangB 13W 17B 10W 23W 16
6Kornel CsernaibyeW 29B 14W 10B 1
7David ZhaoW 31B 1W 18B 14W 15
8Gabriel SanchezB 29W 16B 2W 11W 18
9Mark DrurybyeW 15B 17byeW 3
10Charlie MayvilleW 18B 11W 5B 6B 2
11Hayden BrongersmaB 27W 10B 22B 8W 4
12Joey LoB 2W 27B 16– 26W 20
13Paul HartelW 5B 31W 19B 3B 21
14Kanav MaheshwaribyeB 20W 6W 7B 23
15Rohan KaprebyeB 9W 29W 17B 7
16Josen KalraW 23B 8W 12W 4B 5
17Taewoo KimW 28B 5W 9B 15B 25
18Aditya DhamdhereB 10W 24B 7W 19B 8
19Gagan PrakashB 30W 2B 13B 18W 27
20Hugo PuB 24W 14B 23W 22B 12
21Beata Ang-DuttaW 1B 23W 27B 28W 13
22Ugo MadaguW 3B 28W 11B 20W 30
23Austin ChenB 16W 21W 20B 5W 14
24Taein KimW 20B 18– 31W 25B 28
25Shlok Chowdhurybye—-—-B 24W 17
26Arjun GoelB 4W 30W 3– 12—-
27Maybeline HinloW 11B 12B 21W 30B 19
28Minsoo KimB 17W 22B 30W 21W 24
29Amogh RaoW 8B 6B 15—-—-
30Bud WollW 19B 26W 28B 27B 22
31Jimmy ChenB 7W 13– 24—-—-