Impromptu Blitz #13 Results

Twenty-five people played in our impromptu blitz tournament this past Thursday, a G/5+2 affair of five rounds and the slightly longer time control helped to shake up the results in yet another strong field. Gabriel Sanchez took sole first with 4.5 points while Liam Liu and David Zhao shared second at 4, ahead of some very strong master- and expert-level competition. Kunal Modi grabbed sole fourth at 3.5, leaving a raft of players to share fifth with 3 points.

Of particular note, chess expert, author, journalist and friend Frisco Del Rosario was able to visit the club for the first time and it was great to see and play a game with him—hopefully you will join us again soon, Frisco! Full results are in the table below and thank you to everyone who played in this event.

As a reminder, we’ll begin a US Chess dual-rated Swiss-system event over three weeks beginning this Thursday, April 4th, and concluding April 25th (there will be no chess club meeting April 18th). Players will be divided into groups of 6 or 8 based on rating and will play one game at G/45;d5 each week. A few spots remain for this event and more information and a registration link may be found here. As always, please register early if you plan to play in this event.

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Gabriel SanchezW 3B 2W 5B 4W 7
2Liam LiuB 22W 1W 15B 12W 4
3David ZhaoB 1W 21B 22W 17B 11
4Kunal ModiW 12B 8W 6W 1B 2
5Andy ApplebaumB 11W 16B 1W 7B 6
6Pranav JindalB 14W 13B 4W 15W 5
7Frisco Del RosarioW 17B 9W 13B 5B 1
8Hayden BrongersmaB 20W 4B 11W 22B 13
9Mark DruryB 23W 7byebyebye
10Renzo FrigatoW 24B 15W 17B 18W 19
11Rohan KapreW 5B 18W 8B 19W 3
12Josen KalraB 4W 20B 16W 2B 17
13Cesar TamondongW 19B 6B 7W 16W 8
14Max CheungW 6B 19W 25B 20B 21
15Hugo PubyeW 10B 2B 6W 20
16Evan SobelW 18B 5W 12B 13W 24
17Austin ChenB 7W 23B 10B 3W 12
18Brian ChenB 16W 11B 23W 10B 22
19Shlok ChowdhuryB 13W 14B 21W 11B 10
20Joey LoW 8B 12W 24W 14B 15
21Victor ChenbyeB 3W 19B 25W 14
22George PurtellW 2B 24W 3B 8W 18
23Bud WollW 9B 17W 18B 24W 25
24Wendy GuB 10W 22B 20W 23B 16
25Malcolm Willigbye—-B 14W 21B 23

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