Impromptu G/5+0 Blitz Tournament #4

There was another good turnout for our casual evening this past Thursday and twenty people played in the 4-round G/5+0 blitz tournament, won (yet again) by Pranav Jindal with a perfect 4-0 score, followed by Kunal Modi, Nikita Grinkin, Satya Chitturi and yours truly at 3 points. At the conclusion of this tournament quite a few people wanted to play another 4-rounder but we simply didn’t have time–perhaps if we manage to start earlier we can hold two complete blitz tournaments in one evening. Regards,

Mark Drury

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1Pranav JindalB 15W 5B 4W 2
2Kunal ModiW 16B 9W 3B 1
3Nikita GrinkinB 12W 11B 2W 6
4Satya ChitturiW 17B 13W 1B 10
5Mark DruryB 18B 1W 14W 11
6David ZhaoW 14B 8W 9B 3
7Hugo PubyebyeB 12W 14
8Josen KalraW 13W 6B 19B 17
9Cesar TamondongB 20W 2B 6W 18
10Rohan KaprebyebyeB 18W 4
11Arnav BhavsarB 19B 3W 13B 5
12Eddie ZhaoW 3B 20W 7B 19
13Hayden BrongersmaB 8W 4B 11W 16
14Aditya DhamdhereB 6W 15B 5B 7
15Ashwin GaneshW 1B 14W 17B 20
16Kornel CsernaiB 2W 18W 20B 13
17Michael DarrB 4W 19B 15W 8
18Jeff UngarW 5B 16W 10B 9
19Kyan AgdassiW 11B 17W 8W 12
20Paul HartelW 9W 12B 16W 15

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