Impromptu G/3+2 Blitz Tournament #3

Our casual/blitz/bughouse evening this past Thursday was more lightly attended than usual, perhaps due to the upcoming Labor Day Weekend and the fact that we completed our Quick-rated tournament the week before, but many club stalwarts and several first-time visitors played in a five-round impromptu blitz tournament, with Andy Applebaum taking sole first with a perfect 5-0 score (I gave Andy a run for him money in the final round). Satya Chitturi was second with 4 points and Jeff McGinnis third at 3.5. It was another fun event and we may do this every casual evening as there appears to be an appetite for it. Full results follow and note that our Surfeit of Blitz Redux event will likely occur over two weeks September 23rd and 30th. Regards,

Mark Drury

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Andy ApplebaumB 8W 4B 2W 9B 7
2Satya ChitturiW 10B 9W 1B 6W 4
3Jeff McGinnisbyebyebyeB 11B 9
4Deep BardhanW 11B 1W 7B 10B 2
5Aranya KunduW 12W 14B 6B 15W 10
6Chase WangW 7B 16W 5W 2B 12
7Mark DruryB 6W 12B 4byeW 1
8Hayden BrongersmaW 1B 11W 16B 13—-
9Ashwin GaneshB 17W 2B 12B 1W 3
10Arnav BhavsarB 2W 17B 14W 4B 5
11Hugo PuB 4W 8B 17W 3W 13
12Esther MendozaB 5B 7W 9W 14W 6
13Colin TaylorbyebyebyeW 8B 11
14Aditya DhamdhereW 16B 5W 10B 12B 17
15Abhik ChatterjeebyebyebyeW 5B 16
16Michael DarrB 14W 6B 8W 17W 15
17Paul HartelW 9B 10W 11B 16W 14

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