February “Mud Month” Mini-Marathon Round 3 Results

Last night’s round 3 of our “Mud Month” Mini-Marathon brought more interesting chess, with a couple puzzle-like finishes which were too complicated to solve over-the-board in time trouble, for both players and spectators alike. I hope to share a few of the more interesting games from all rounds at some point but that will likely occur after the tournament finishes next week. The prize group standings (first and second places) heading into the final round are as follows:

Group 1: Adithya Karavadi, Quincy Chen, 3.0
Group 2: Nick Matelli, Daniel Francis, Tobin Bennion, Roshan Mahanth, 2.0
Group 3: Kornel Csernai, Peter Roumeliotis, 2.0
Group 4: Anton Bobkov, Akshat Gupta, 2.0
Group 5: Grant Jensen, 2.5; Darshil Chauhan, Tutul Rahman, 2.0

I’ve also shared the tentative round 4 pairings below, given I know some of you like to prepare for your opponents. These will stand unless we get zero-point bye/withdrawal requests before Thursday, in which case I’ll send the usual update. Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks again to everyone who is participating in this event! Regards,

Mark Drury

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