February “Mud Month” Mini-Marathon Results

Our February “Mud Month” Mini-Marathon wrapped up last night with a slew of upsets as well as three draws, two of which meant a swing of tens of dollars in prize money. The half point agreed to by Adithya and Quincy on board one allowed Pranav to share Group 1 and overall first place, with 3.5 points, and all three are a cup of coffee and a bagel richer for their exertions. The group prizes and winnings are reflected (somewhat unclearly) in the image, below, and note that groups 1, 2 and 5 had nine players and $45 in total prize money; the other groups eight players and $40. Congratulations to Peter, Anton and Darshil for taking sole first in their respective groups!

I’ll reach out to our prize winners to ask about a preference for Venmo, PayPal or cash remittance and please let me know if you see any errors in the results or prize distributions in the meantime, as I produced the document rather hastily between work meetings this morning. Something I mentioned before the start of the round last night and wish to repeat here is that this tournament would have been better served by two or even three distinct sections, given the number of participants and the ratings groupings, but I created a US Chess Tournament Life Announcement which stated one section and, hence, needed to stick with that format–future such events will likely include more than one section.

I plan to submit the tournament for rating to US Chess this afternoon so you may see the report as soon as Monday. Thank you again to everyone who played in this event and put up with the accelerated pairings, and to those who spectated over the past four weeks. Our next rated event will likely use a Quick (Rapid) time control and should begin in mid- to late-March—more to come about that soon.

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