Missed Opportunities

Well, we sampled yet another chess variant this past Thursday evening, one I’ll now dub “ACD” or “Absent Club Director,” my not-so-clever way of stating that I forgot about chess club until round 7:30pm that evening, something which had not yet happened in the two years and two months of the club’s existence.

Perhaps it was Leap Day, likely just senility, but suffice to say I worked in my company’s Fremont office Thursday and a number of coincidences conspired to make me think it was Wednesday. I only realized my error when I arrived home and began thinking about dinner—something triggered the “this doesn’t feel like Wednesday” revelation and subsequent scramble to the club round 7:30pm.

I’m very sorry to all those who were there that evening awaiting boards, pieces and clocks. We had quite a crowd looking forward to a blitz tournament, it seemed, and I appreciate your patience and good humor where my foibles are concerned, as always.

Note that the club will not meet this Thursday, March 7th, as previously announced but we will meet March 14th for a casual/blitz tournament evening and a longer, more formal event will follow the week after. Regards,

Mark Drury