Schedule Update, Kolty Blitz, Impromptu Blitz #8 Results

I have an important schedule update which I hope everyone receives before next Thursday, December 21st: there will be no chess that evening. I was informed late last Thursday, after most people had left the club for the night, that the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center will close for the holidays Wednesday, December 20th. Our next meeting will be January 11th, then, and I’ll send more details soon about the 3-week quick-rated tournament which begins on that date.

If you still need a chess fix this coming week fret not, as the Kolty Chess Club will hold a 7-round G/3+2 blitz tournament Wednesday, December 20th, one I hope to attend and I’m also hoping our Menlo Park club has another good showing at a Kolty blitz event. Details follow (from the Kolty CC Facebook group):

Remember to make room in your holiday schedule for the Eric Steger Appreciation Blitz Tournament next Wednesday, December 20th. This will be a 7 round Swiss, G3/2, USCF rated event so USCF membership is required. Entry fee is $15/$20 and will be in one open section.

Please preregister by emailing Wolfgang at the address.

If you plan to come play please bring a digital clock since the club has very few.

We had 20 club stalwarts play in our impromptu G/5+0 blitz tournament this past Thursday, with relative newcomer Ramkumar Jeyaraman taking sole first with a perfect 5-0 score, followed closely by Gabriel Sanchez and Cesar Tamondong at 4-1, with Cesar once again beating me in the final round on the black side of another Bird. Full results for this event are available in the table below.

Lastly, this past Thursday was Paul Hartel’s final visit to the club, given he returns to Germany soon, and we will miss him a great deal. Paul has been a helpful member of the club for some time now, showing up early to help set up and participating in many of our tournaments this year. His game has improved a great deal during his time here, culminating in an even score in our recently-concluded club championship, we wish him every success in chess and in life and hope to meet him over the board again soon!

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Ram JeyaramanB 13W 4B 3W 2B 5
2Gabe SanchezW 18B 10W 5B 1W 6
3Cesar TamondongB 19W 7W 1B 12B 9
4Charlie MayvilleW 17B 1W 11B 13W 10
5Thomas GerberW 8B 12B 2W 7W 1
6David ZhaobyeB 18W 9W 16B 2
7Josen KalraW 15B 3W 8B 5W 11
8Austin ChenB 5W 14B 7W 17W 12
9Mark DrurybyeW 11B 6B 10W 3
10Rohan KapreB 14W 2B 13W 9B 4
11Paul HartelW 20B 9B 4W 19B 7
12Hayden BrongersmaB 16W 5B 19W 3B 8
13Aditya DhamdhereW 1B 15W 10W 4B 16
14Jefferson MateoW 10B 8W 20B 18B 19
15Beata Ang-DuttaB 7W 13W 17B 20W 18
16Shlok ChowdhuryW 12B 17W 18B 6W 13
17Gagan PrakashB 4W 16B 15B 8W 20
18Joey LoB 2W 6B 16W 14B 15
19Jeff UngarW 3B 20W 12B 11W 14
20Maxime GerberB 11W 19B 14W 15B 17

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