Impromptu Blitz #7 Results, Schedule Updates

We enjoyed a record 31 participants in our Impromptu Blitz #7 last night, a 5-round G/3+2 affair which included no less than nine first-time visitors to the club. As is often the case, Pranav Jindal and Alaric Stein sat atop the wall chart when all was said and done, Pranav taking first this time with a perfect 5-0 while Alaric shared joint second at 4-1 with Cesar Tamondong, who nicked me in the final round with his accursed From’s Gambit (between he and Kornél I’m considering a temporary ban at the club on that particular response to my beloved Bird). Full results for the tournament may be viewed in the attached image.

I’ll update the club’s schedule of events this weekend ( but we’ll meet December 14th and 21st for casual, blitz or variant tournaments then there will be no meetings December 28th and January 4th, due to the Holidays. Beginning January 11th we’ll hold a 2- or 3-week quick-rated event of some kind, likely G/15, perhaps double-round quads again. As always, let me know your preferences and/or dislikes and I hope to see many of you next week.

#PlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Pranav JindalB 21W 7B 4W 2W 6
2Alaric SteinW 12B 19W 8B 1W 10
3Cesar TamondongB 22W 4B 26W 13B 9
4Ramkumar JeyaramanW 26B 3W 1B 16B 11
5Richard WangB 13W 17B 10W 23W 16
6Kornel CsernaibyeW 29B 14W 10B 1
7David ZhaoW 31B 1W 18B 14W 15
8Gabriel SanchezB 29W 16B 2W 11W 18
9Mark DrurybyeW 15B 17byeW 3
10Charlie MayvilleW 18B 11W 5B 6B 2
11Hayden BrongersmaB 27W 10B 22B 8W 4
12Joey LoB 2W 27B 16– 26W 20
13Paul HartelW 5B 31W 19B 3B 21
14Kanav MaheshwaribyeB 20W 6W 7B 23
15Rohan KaprebyeB 9W 29W 17B 7
16Josen KalraW 23B 8W 12W 4B 5
17Taewoo KimW 28B 5W 9B 15B 25
18Aditya DhamdhereB 10W 24B 7W 19B 8
19Gagan PrakashB 30W 2B 13B 18W 27
20Hugo PuB 24W 14B 23W 22B 12
21Beata Ang-DuttaW 1B 23W 27B 28W 13
22Ugo MadaguW 3B 28W 11B 20W 30
23Austin ChenB 16W 21W 20B 5W 14
24Taein KimW 20B 18– 31W 25B 28
25Shlok Chowdhurybye—-—-B 24W 17
26Arjun GoelB 4W 30W 3– 12—-
27Maybeline HinloW 11B 12B 21W 30B 19
28Minsoo KimB 17W 22B 30W 21W 24
29Amogh RaoW 8B 6B 15—-—-
30Bud WollW 19B 26W 28B 27B 22
31Jimmy ChenB 7W 13– 24—-—-

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