June Dual-Rated Short Swiss Results

I’m a little late in sharing the results of our June Dual-Rated Short Swiss which wrapped up last week, though given how busy I’ve been it’s more a matter of better late than never, I suppose (I was able to submit the tournament for rating last Thursday, so there’s that). We had clear winners in each section and Kornél Csernai, Gregory Gauthier and Billy Barnds deserve special mention for the perfect 3-0 scores in their respective groups. The rest of our winners, their winnings and the full wall charts follow (I’ll contact those who are owed prize money to ask how each wishes to be paid). Note that this evening at the club we’ll play casual, blitz, bughouse and ladder games and we may consider holding another unrated blitz tournament next week. I hope to see many of you at the club tonight! Regards,

Mark Drury

Alex Chin, 2.5, $30
Triet Vo, Daniel Francis, 2.0, $5 each

Kornel Csernai, 3.0, $30
Nicholas Tan, Nikita Grinkin, Lasha Lakirbaia, 2.0, $5 each

Gregory Gauthier, 3.0, $30
Jeffrey Ungar, 2.5, $10

Billy Barnds, 3.0, $30
Sunny Tulsi, Austin Chen, Hugo Pu, 2.0, $5 each

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